Welcome to Alive and Well Naturally!

Tess specialises in evidence based nutritional and herbal medicine with a personal touch

*Natural fertility management – infertility, pre-conception plans for both partners, Billings ovulation method (BOM) for fertility management

*Women’s health – hormonal imbalance, heavy periods, painful periods, PCOS, menopausal symptoms, Billings ovulation method (BOM) for natural fertility management (dramatically enhances your chances of conceiving naturally) and menstrual cycle assessment and management

*Digestive disorders – IBS, constipation, loose or irregular bowel movements, pain, discomfort, reflux and bloating or gut troubles after a course or several courses of antibiotics

*Children’s health – frequent colds, flu’s, infections, under thriving children, learning and developmental disorders, digestive troubles, easy to follow nutritional plans

*Weight loss and muscle gain plans, management and coaching

*Stress, depression and anxiety

*Immune system support – auto-immune disease management, frequent colds, flu’s and infections prevention and management

‘Assisting you to be well enough to do the things you love’

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Thank you Tess. You have changed my health dramatically and I feel better than ever. Your herbal formula works wonders for my anxiety and overall stress levels. Your nutritional advice has been exceptional too. I don’t seem to get the cold so often anymore. 🙂

Yours Sincerely:
Andrew G

Great Advice ~ Thank you

Before I saw Tess I was feeling lithargic, nearing depression and just generally unwell. I have an autoimmune disease and was having gut issues. After seeing Tessand taking the recommended herbs I am now feeling the best I have felt in years. I have energy again and a spring in my step.
Thank you Tess.  Ruth

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