What to Expect

Video consultations via Zoom are now available as well as phone consultations for follow up appointments if preferred!

Initially I will obtain your health history (I will send you a link to a comprehensive online questionnaire to complete which will then be sent to me to review)  – this is a very important part of your health assessment because it is here that I gain vital information about your state of health.  This consists of a thorough review of your current signs/symptoms; health history; lifestyle and diet details;  medical history; family history and details of any medications you may be taking.  When we meet in person or virtually, I will discuss your health needs and goals and work with you to achieve these goals and meet your unique health needs and provide solutions that are easy to implement and get you results!

I will then put together a unique treatment plan for you and if necessary a herbal medicine or nutritional supplement will be prescribed to support your treatment. Herbal and Nutritional medicines can be delivered to your door through courier and my patient ordering service which makes it easier than ever to stick to your treatment and stay well.  

How long until I see results? 

It can take many years for some chronic diseases to develop and consequently herbal and nutritional medicine treatments and dietary and lifestyle changes can take some time to work and need to be taken diligently and with regular follow up consultations to have a chance of a successful and long-lasting outcome. A general rule is that for conditions that are chronic, lasting several months to years, it can take a month or so to see improvement, however there are certain herbs that are faster acting. Acute conditions such as colds and flu’s can be treated very effectively within a couple of hours to a couple of days with quick relief.

What is the cost? 

Initial consultation: $130

Follow up consultation short (30mins): $75

Follow up consultation extended (approx 45mins): $83

Acute consultation (30 mins): $75

Herbal Medicine 220mL: $75 including express postage

Herbal Medicine 110mL: $45 including express postage

*Natural fertility management and pre-conception plans are recommended to be undertaken for 3 to 4 months (before conception) as fertility is a reflection of both partners general health and wellbeing, so taking the time to improve this in every way we can in addition to focusing on the quality of your reproductive organs and egg and sperm will enhance both conception and pregnancy outcomes. 

Your commitment to your wellbeing is essential, because you know yourself better than anyone and need to be involved in your healing!

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