How does your body hold stress?

Everyone holds stress and reacts to stress in different ways. For example, one person may hold stress in their shoulders, lower back or neck, others hold stress in their gut (commonly associated with IBS and reflux) and others suffer from headaches when under stress. There are many more presentations or symptoms of stress.

Lets face it…we are all stressed! The bad news is that experiencing stress is inevitable! The good news is that there are many natural ways of managing stress and just as importantly to reduce the effects of stress on the physiological function of the body i.e. reducing the way that stress affects normal bodily functions therefore reducing the impact that chronic stress has on the incidence of disease. In other words…stress wears out the body!

Here are some ways we can naturally manage stress and maintain wellness:

  • Walking or any form of exercise you enjoy – this releases endorphins and enkephalins (feel good chemicals and stress relievers)
  • The practice of meditation or mindfulness
  • Herbal medicines can be prescribed to support the healthy function of the adrenal gland (this gland regulates the stress response and is often poorly functioning in chronic stress) and reduce the effects of stress on the body.

• Eating a wholefood, nutrient dense diet

If you feel worn out, stressed and overwhelmed your body may be crying out for some TLC. Nip stress in the bud and if you need support and effective treatment to assist your body in coping with stress and reducing its damaging effects I encourage you to book in for a Nutritional/Herbal Medicine consultation to start feeling better today!

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