The Importance of Pre-conception Care

A parent’s greatest desire is a healthy child. Your lifestyle and nutritional choices can profoundly affect you and your partners fertility as well as the health of your prospective child.

Healthy fertility occurs when the individuals health is optimal, so as your body becomes healthier, so does your fertility.  A healthy conception depends on two healthy prospective parents.  You would not dream of undertaking a new project or running a marathon without the appropriate preparation…so why should having a baby be any different?

Good health prior to a conception being established is very important.  The most crucial period for nutritional and lifestyle interventions occur in the first few weeks before and immediately after conception.  It is therefore imperative to implement healthy nutritional and lifestyle measures with the aim of achieving optimal health before trying for a baby.

The minimum time required for conception preparation is 3 to 4 months as this is approximately the time it takes for healthy sperm to be formed and the egg to mature.  During this time a healthy diet and lifestyle void of anything that can be detrimental to health is very important. Everything a person eats, drinks, experiences or is exposed to can and will influence his/her fertility. The best results occur when pre-conception care is undertaken by both prospective parents.

Specific and individualized herbal medicine prescription and evidence based nutritional supplementation ensure that aspects of you and your partners fertility are enhanced and supported.  If there has been a past history of miscarriage, pregnancy complications or a couple has been trying to conceive for a long-time, pre-conception care and natural fertility management can increase your chances of conceiving, having a healthy pregnancy and reduced risk of complications/poor pregnancy outcomes.

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